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Melody Trujillo

Attorney at Law

Founder & Partner 

Attorney Melody Trujillo is a native of Riverside County and has served the Riverside and surrounding communities as a Family Law litigation attorney since 1992. Attorney Trujillo’s near thirty years in a general practice law firm has been focused on the Family Law and Civil Courts in Southern California.

About Melody

Melody has successfully represented thousands of individuals experiencing the trauma of a divorce in front of hundreds of different Judicial officers, including disputed custody issues, parental alienation, breaches of fiduciary duty, putative spouse assertions, the characterization of client’s assets as separate or community, income assertions, child support, exceptions to and arguments for spousal support, and related issues.


Attorney Trujillo continues to be equally successful in her personal injury law practice. Her career settlement total is in the millions of dollars for her clients. Each client’s potential case is intensely analyzed for liability (fault), damages (actual injuries suffered; both present and future), recovery expectations (money available from all sources to help the injured), and long-term benefit(s) to each client.


She reminds each client that this area of law is not a race to the bank but a walk together that requires time and attention layers of insurance issues, documentation and dedicated commitment by the attorney and her client.


Bar Admission 

California Bar


University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law

California State San Bernardino

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